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The Barber Course aims to provide trainees with techniques and skills so that they can adapt to all styles and trends. The barber profession is once again on the rise, accompanied by a wave that we can consider revivalist from the first half of the last century, which involves a lot of the decoration of the establishments themselves, the materials used and, naturally, the type of cut performed.


ADVANCED BARBER - Men's Hairdresser 1010h

The perfect course for those who want to learn all the techniques of the Art of Barbering. With this complete training, you will have access to the most complete Barber course, making you a professional with guaranteed success. Get to know our payment facilities and schedule flexibility. Invest in your Future.


Men's Hairdresser 500h

The Hairdresser course for men will train a professional with the necessary knowledge (theoretical and practical) to work as a hairdresser for men, including learning techniques for customer service and reception, washing and drying hair , image consultancy, cutting techniques (scissors, machine and razor), artistic beards and mustaches and coloring and discoloration techniques.



The Professional Barber course is a modular training (250h) entirely made up of UFCD's (Short Duration Training Units) from the National Qualifications Catalog, granting access to professional qualification/certification up to Level 4.​

​With this training you will learn how to perform different hair treatment and beautification processes, namely washing, drying, designing and cutting hair and beard, using the appropriate wellness products and techniques and obeying environmental, safety and health standards.

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